://To List The Advantages Of QuEChERS

To List The Advantages Of QuEChERS

Development stages

Traditional sample processing techniques have undergone several stages of liquid-solid extraction, liquid-liquid extraction, and solid-phase extraction.

In 2003, based on the experience of these extractions, FDA chemists invented a method for effectively separating trace amounts of pesticide residues in various fruits and vegetables. Combined with the high sensitivity and selectivity of liquid quality and temperament, QuEChERS technology has been greatly developed.

Advantages of QuEChERS

The QuEChERS method has the following advantages:
1. High recovery rate: recovery rate of a large number of polar and volatile pesticides greater than 85%;
2. High accuracy: it can be corrected by the internal standard method;
3. A wide range of analyzable pesticides: including polar and non-polar pesticides and capable of obtaining better recovery rates;
4. Fast analysis: complete 6 samples in 30 minutes;
5. Solvent efficient, low-polluting, low cost, and excluding the chloride-containing solvent;
6. Easy operation: it can be well completed without good training and high skill;
7. Fewer contact with working staff: the acetonitrile is sealed immediately after being added to the container;
8. Simple structure: few glassware are used in the sample preparation process.

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