Talking about QuEChERS

What is QuEChERS?

Although the technology of QuEChERS (quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged and safe) has come out to the public for only several years, it has brought innovation to the field of multi-pesticide residues analysis.

Nowadays, how to make trace analysis of complicated sample matrix and how to do sample pretreatment have become a great challenge in the industry. In order to meet the demand of global increasing population, food production improves rapidly and multiple pesticides are also widely used. Therefore, inspectors must keep improving the detection technique to make trace analysis.

The Development of QuEChERS

Traditional technology of sample treatment has gone through stages of liquid-solid extraction, liquid-liquid extraction, and solid-phase extraction. In the year 2003, chemists in the United States Department of Agriculture invented an effective method to separate trace pesticide residues from all kinds of fruit and vegetables. In cooperation with high sensitivity and selectivity of hygroplasm and gas, QuEChERS technology has obtained grand development. After extraction with acetonitrile of solid sample in the aqueous solution, most distractions existed in acetonitrile can be removed by liquid-solid extraction afterward. Finally, you can make a mass spectrometric analysis on the extract liquor directly.

Recently, QuEChERS has become the standard sample treatment method to test pesticide residues of fruit and vegetables globally. In addition, the technology is now touching upon more and more different industries, such as the test of meat, blood sample, wine, antibiotics in the soil, drug and other pollutants.