Knowledge Of QuEChERS Kits

QuEChERS Kits is widely used for the food industry and Pesticide detecting of the agriculture industry. It includes the QuEChERS extraction kit and QuEChERS D-SPE kit. It features in simple operation、lower error、time and money-saving. The high quality is guaranteed and the perfect after-sale service is provided. Besides, various type of product can meet all kinds of customer requirement.

Operation of QuEChERS Kits

The operation process is simple, specific steps are as follows: firstly, selecting 50ml tube, taking 10g or 15g comminuted sample, adding acetonitrile&extraction salt, shaking, then adding internal standard, and centrifuging; secondly, taking 1ml, 6ml or 8ml aliquot of supernatant, selecting 2ml or 15ml dispersive SPEkit, adding scorbents&salt, shaking and centrifuging; thirdly, taking aliquot of supernatant, analyzing with GC-MS or LC-MS; lastly, obtaining the analysis report.

Guarantee of QuEChERS Kits

QuEChERS Kits is safe for analyst the environment, the whole operation process is trackable due to ERP system. Besides, it can provide customers with accurate residue pesticide analysis in a short period, at the same time, it can obtain greatly improved lab productivity.