Brief Introduction On QuEChERS

QuEChERS is a kind of rapid sample pretreatment technology, which is often used for agricultural products detection in recent years. QuEChERS provided by Hawach Scientific is noted for high recovery and accuracy, fast speed analysis, low contamination, and convenient operation.

And it adopts a highly beneficial analytical approach to simplify the analysis of multiple pesticide residues in fruit, vegetables, and processed products, etc. The QuEChERS entails a number of simple analytical steps and gives full flexibility in the choice of the determinative analysis technique.

Features of QuEChERS

QuEChERS developed by Hawach is compact designed which makes the structure of the product’s tightly packed, cleverly made, operate more simple. Besides, it also realizes the homogenization, oscillation, mixing and integration of the samples, and liberates customers from heavy repetitive work and greatly reduce sample preprocessing time.

QuEChERS marketed by Hawach has comprehensive types of products, full sale, and after-sale service for product and solution, and great recovery for a wide range of pesticides in food matrices. Other obvious features are that the QuEChERS has the great capabilities of grinding the sample, and simple procedure with few steps to lower potential for errors.