A brief description of QuEChERS

QuEChERS is a pretreatment that has the characteristics of Quick、Easy、Cheap、Effective、Rugged and Safe, which is the reason why it is becoming more and more popular in the new testing methods. It was developed by Professor Anastassiades in 2003, which was used in agricultural testing at first.

The principle of QuEChERS is similar with the HPLC and SPE. QuEChERS purifies the substance because the interaction between the adsorptive stuff and the impurities of substrates can help absorb the impurities. Detailedly, after the homogenized samples are extracted by acetonitrile and the salting-out method, the disrupters of the samples combined with the PSA or some other adsorptions, such as organic acid and aliphatic acid. And then the impurities are removed by centrifugation. Therefore, the quality determines the test results.

QuEChERS is widely used in many fields as a testing method, especially in Pesticide Residues Determinations. We can use it to purify substances in numerous field as long as the percent recovery of the samples is in the allowable ranges and the substrates fit the needs of testing.